Theorem of simplicity

Theorem: Life is simple


The proof is based on two other sub-theorems:

Sub-theorem #1: Whatever happens right now – is simple


Let’s remember the definition of the simplicity first: Simplicity is a state of being where the subject is as is (hence the word Aziz), which means that a specific event can be simple when and only when it comes as is; without any deformation and can not have any other alternative manifestation(called inevitability).

Meanwhile, whatever happens right now, is a huge and complex set of interconnected events that happen right now and there is no alternative – it could not have happened otherwise because it is happening like this right now (See the axiom of right nowright now can be understood only in the NOW god damnit!).

As “whatever happens right now” is as is then it fits the definition of simplicity which prooves that it’s simple.

End of Sub-theorem #1

Sub-theorem #2: Life is whatever happens in the now


To proove this we’ll use apagogical argument – proof by assuming the opposite.

Opposite of the now is either the past or the future. let’s exculde those versions one by one:

1. Past: If we assume that the life is whatever had happened in the past then we all should be able to slap ourselves as a little kid who screams in the middle of the store asking for a chocolate we didn’t get that day. That had never happened and another theorem(the theorem of hippyhoes) can proove it’s non reality in details(we won’t cover it here)

2. Future: If we assume the life is whatever will happen in future, then we all should be able to smell the fart that we’ll pass thru in the next minute.

That never happened practically and there’s a theorem of fartghost that prooves it in details…

So as life is neither past nor future that prooves that life is whatever happens in the now!

End of Sub-theorem #2

Having these two theorems, based on the transitive logic(A -> B, B -> C => A-> C) we have prooved that Life is simple

End of main theorem


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And, by and by, it became a key. I suddenly recognized that whenever you are enjoying something, you are centered. Enjoyment is just the sound of being centered. Whenever you are not enjoying something, you are off-center. Then don’t force it; there is no need. If people think you crazy, let them think you crazy. Within a few days you will, by your own experience, find how you were missing yourself. You were doing a thousand and one things which you never enjoyed, and still you were doing them because you were taught to. You were just fulfilling your duties.


For ten years I used to run eight miles every morning and eight miles every evening–from I947 to I957. It was a regular thing. And I came to experience many, many things through running. At sixteen miles per day I would have encircled the world seven times in those ten years. After you run the second or third mile a moment comes when things start flowing and you are no longer in the head, you become your body, you are the body. You start functioning as an alive being–as trees function, as animals function. You become a tiger or a peacock or a wolf. You forget all head. The university is forgotten, the degrees are forgotten, you don’t know a thing, you simply are.

In fact, by and by, after three or four miles, you cannot conceive of yourself as a head. Totality arises. Plato is forgotten, Freud has disappeared, all divisions disappear–because they were on the surface–and deep down your unity starts asserting itself.

Running against the wind in the early morning when things are fresh and the whole existence is in a new joy, is bathed in a new delight of the new day, and everything is fresh and young, the past has disappeared, everything has come out of deep rest in the night, everything is innocent, primitive–suddenly even the runner disappears. There is only running. There is no body running, there is only running. And by and by you see that a dance arises with the wind, with the sky, with the sun rays coming, with the trees, with the earth. You are dancing. You start feeling the pulse of the Universe. That is sexual. Swimming in the river is sexual. Copulating is not the only sexual thing; anything where your body pulsates totally, with no inhibitions, is sexual.

So when I use the word ‘sexual’ I mean this experience of totality. Genitality is only one of the functions of sexuality. It has become too important because we have forgotten the total function of sexuality. In fact, your so-called mahatmas have made you very, very genital. The whole blame falls on your saints and mahatmas–they are the culprits, the criminals. They have never told you what real sexuality is.

By and by sexuality has become confined to the genitals; it has become local, it is no longer total. Local genitality is ugly because at the most it can give you a relief; it can never give you orgasm. Ejaculation is not orgasm, all ejaculations are not orgasmic and each orgasm is not a peak experience. Ejaculation is genital, orgasm is sexual and a peak experience is spiritual. When sexuality is confined to the genitals you can have only relief; you simply lose energy, you don’t gain anything. It is simply stupid. It is just like the relief that comes out of a good sneeze, not more than that.

It has no orgasm because your total body does not pulsate. You are not in a dance, you don’t participate with your whole, it is not holy. It is very partial and the partial can never be orgasmic because orgasm is possible only when the total organism is involved. When you pulsate from your toe to your head, when every fibre of your being pulsates, when all cells of your body dance, when there is a great orchestra inside you, when everything is dancing–then there is orgasm. But every orgasm is not a peak experience either. When you are pulsating totally inside, it is an orgasm. When your totality participates with the totality of existence it is a peak experience. And people have decided on ejaculation, they have forgotten orgasm and they have completely forgotten the peak experience. They don’t know what it is.

And because they cannot attain the higher, they are confined to the lower. When you can attain the higher, when you can attain the better, naturally the lower starts disappearing on its own accord. If you understand me…sex will be transformed, but not sexuality. You will become more sexual. As sex disappears you will become more sexual. Where will sex go? It will become your sexuality. You will become more sensuous. You will live with more intensity, with more flame; you will live like a great wave. These tiny waves will disappear. You will become a storm, you will become a great wind that can shake the trees and the mountains. You will be a tide, a flood. Your candle will burn at both ends together, simultaneously.


And in that moment–even if you are allowed to live for only one moment, that’s more than enough–you have the taste of eternity.


This was one of those days…,

when It’s a minute away from snowing,

and there’s the electricity in the air… you can almost hear It… right…?

and this bag was just …. DANCING, – with me… like a little kid begging me to play with It.

For fifteen minuts ! That’s the day I realized that there Is this… The Entire Life Behind Things.

and this incredibly benevolent force… who wanna let me to know that there Is NO reason to be afraid.


this video is a pure excuse, I know !, But It helps me remember… I need to remember.

I’m trying to say… there’s SO MUCH BEAUTY In the world..

I feel Like I can’t take It,

and My heart… It’s just gonna… gave In.


In this dream, which came to me a number of times, there was a long ladder with its upper rungs completely lost in the clouds. It seemed to be a ladder that led to the sky. Urged by an irrepressible desire to reach the sky, I began to climb. But it was very difficult; each rung required great effort. My breathing grew strained and perspiration poured from my forehead. But my desire to reach the sky was so great that I went on climbing. Soon there was a feeling of suffocation and it seemed as if my heart would give out. But all at once I realized that I was not the only climber, that mine was not the only ladder. There was an infinite number of ladders and endless numbers of people were climbing upwards. I experienced a surge of great rivalry and I began to climb even faster. This mad race, this using of all our strength to keep climbing continued until it eventually faded into the end of the dream.

That is always the same.

I finally reached the last rung. There is no rung beyond, and turning around, I see that there is no ladder either. And then the fall, the descent from that great height begins. It is even more painful that the climb. Death seems inevitable. And sure enough, it is my death. And the shock of that death invariably awakens me.

But that dream shows me a great truth, and since the first time I have had it life has seemed nothing more to me than an extension of that dream. In every dream is there not some kind of vision of the mad rush in which mankind is involved? Doesn’t every mad scramble end in death? But then, ask yourself what “death” means. Doesn’t it just mean there is no higher rung on the ladder? Death is the end of rushing. It is an end to the future; it is the impossibility of any further possibilities. The rushing, racing mind leads a man to great heights, and what is death but the fall from those heights?

Whenever there is a mad race of any kind, death invariably steps in. It makes no difference whether the goal is wealth or religion or enjoyment or renunciation. Wherever there is rushing there is dreaming, but where there is no rushing, racing mind, there is truth. And there is life too–the life that has no death. long05

The desire to be on the peaks is a wrong desire–all desires as such are wrong, and religious desires are far more wrong than any other desires for the simple reason that other desires can be fulfilled. Of course, by their fulfillment you will not go beyond frustration; fulfilled or not fulfilled, frustration is inevitable. If your desire is fulfilled you will be frustrated–in fact, more so, because now you will see you were chasing a shadow; you have got it and there is nothing in it. If your desire is not fulfilled you will be frustrated, because your whole life is wasted and you have not been able to fulfill a single desire. All your hopes are shattered.

Hopes are bound to be shattered. To hope is to hanker for hopelessness, to desire is to breed frustration. But in the worldly things at least there is a possibility of succeeding, failing, attaining, not attaining. But in spiritual matters there is no question of attainment at all because the goose is out! Nothing can be done about it, it is already out. The moment you start enjoying your valley you are on the peak–there is no other peak!

One day I suddenly decided enough is enough. I dropped the idea of the peaks and started enjoying the valley, and a miracle I saw: the valley disappeared. In fact, from the very beginning there had been no valley, I was always on the peak, but because I was searching for a peak I could not see where I was.

Your eyes are focused far away, hence you miss the obvious. It is here, and your mind is there, arrowed into the blue sky. And the reality surrounds you: it is closer than your very heartbeat, it is closer than your breathing, it is closer than the circulation of your blood, it is closer than your very marrow, it is closer than your very consciousness. It is your very core, your very being!


WHO AM I, AND WHAT DA HELL AM I DOIN’ IN HERE !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???????????????????

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